Safer Elderly Care - White Paper

Säkrare äldrevård

Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust deployed Oxehealth’s Digital Care Assistant to improve patient safety in Dementia wards.

Interim findings:
  • 33% reduction in falls at night
  • 71% reduction in enhanced observations
  • 56% reduction in demand for A&E Highlighted as outstanding practice by CQC

Mental Health staff face a quandary: how can they verify that patients who are alone in their own bedrooms are safe and at the same time foster rest and privacy?

The current standard of care is to risk assess patients and check them in person at frequent intervals: in Mental Health hospitals, these checks are typically carried out every 15 minutes.

Despite the best efforts of dedicated ward staff following established protocols, incidents on inpatient wards still occur.

Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust (“CWPT”) have been working with Oxehealth’s Digital Care Assistant to tackle the challenge of conducting effective safety observations on dementia wards to reduce falls and associated injuries.


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